Big Changes for the 2017 Derby

The King George Fishing Derby committee has made two major changes to 2017 Derby. First off, we have decided to hold the event after the summer season and moved ahead to September 15-17 for this year. Hopefully fishing will be more enjoyable with less boat traffic than we had last year. Secondly, we have added a Landlocked Salmon Category for the Adult Division. In order to make this feasible, we had to alter the prize structure slightly. The top four entries in each of the 4 Categories will be awarded the following: 1st-$2,000, 2nd-$1,000, 3rd-$500, 4th: $250. The Youth Division remains the same with 3 categories and 1st through 5th place awards. Registration fees will be $50 for adults and $30 for youth; early registration by 9/1 receive a FREE event T-shirt. One more thing, the north end weigh station will be at the Hague Town Docks this year.

Winners for the 2016 Adult Division


4.15 20.25 Collier – Fisher, Elizabeth LGV
3.17 19.50 Lindo, Bernie Bolt
3.08 18.75 Cuomo, Brent Bolt
2.86 18.25 Squires, Brian LGV
2.84 18.50 Mitchell, Conor Bolt

5.35 19.50 DiLorenza, Corey LGV
4.51 18.50 Yund, George LGV
4.14 19.50 Erwin, Scott LGV
4.07 18.75 Gilbert, William Bolt
3.69 19.00 Ragland, Bob LGV

9.89 29.75 Crannell, Harry MP
8.49 29.00 Austin, Scott Bolt
8.17 29.50 Fox, Henry Bolt
7.72 27.25 Kolodziejski, Warren Bolt
7.09 27.25 Hart Nelson, Corie MP

The 2016 Youth Division Winners Are……


2.52 18.50 Kolodziejski, Nathan Bolt
1.53 16.00 Rehm, Enzo LGV
1.37 15.00 Hutchings, Cainen LGV
1.33 14.38 Bartus, Nick Bolt
1.18 14.00 Palmer, Dylan Bolt

2.93 17.50 Musto, Sarah LGV
2.90 16.00 Zecca, Jacob LGV
2.85 16.75 Hutchins, Cainen LGV
2.60 16.75 Chrysogelos, Ryan LGV
2.34 16.00 Erwin, Rhiannon Bolt

6.85 27.00 Palmer, Dylan Bolt
5.14 24.75 Kolodziejski, Nathan Bolt
5.02 25.00 Diana, Matt Bolt


ATTENTION: THE AWARDS CEREMONY HAS BEEN MOVED TO AN INDOOR LOCATION DUE TO WEATHER CONCERNS. It will take place at the Lake George American Legion Hall, located on Route 9L, 1 mile east of the intersection of Route 9 & Route 9L(The intersection at Water Slide World) at 4PM today.


Adult Smallmouth
3.170 19.500 Bernie Lindo A LG
2.560 17.250 Chuck Cuomo A Bolt
2.550 17.250 William Gilbert A LG
2.230 17.000 Dave Woodward MP
1.950 16.250 Jami Clark A LG

Adult Largemouth
5.35 20.000 Cori DiLorenzo A LG
4.51 18.500 George Yund A LG
4.07 18.750 William Gilbert A LG
3.69 19.000 Bob Ragland A LG
3.65 17.250 Brent Cuomo A Bolt
3.57 18.750 Mike Penn A Bolt
3.52 18.500 Luke Musto A MP

Adult Lake Trout
9.89 29.75 Harry Crannell MP
8.49 29 Scott Austin Bolt
8.17 29.5 Henry Fox Bolt
6.59 27 Ed Palmer Bolt

Youth Smallmouth
1.380 14.500 Sara Musto Y MP
1.370 15.000 Cainan Hutchins Y LG
1.33 14.375 Nick Bartus Y LGV
1.18 14 Dylan Palmer Y Bolt
1.150 14.750 Ryan Chrisogelos Y LGV
1.08 12.5 Jacob Zecca Y LG

Youth Largemouth
2.93 17.500 Sarah Musto Y LG
2.62 17.000 Chris Vigliotta Y LG
2.6 16.750 Ryan Chrisogelos Y LG
2.01 15.500 Jacob Zecc Y Bolt
2 15.750 Dylan Palmer Y Bolt

Youth Lake Trout
5.02 25 Matt Diana Y Bolt

Patty’s Water Sports Donates Tube

Patty’s Water Sports has donated this cool Screamer tube for on the water fun besides fishing. Thanks Patty Pensel.


Adirondack Brewery Donation

Adirondack Brewery has donated acase of Bear Naked Ale and 2 t-shirts for door prizes.P82A0510

More Door Prizes

House Of Frankenstein and Dr. Morbid’s Wax Museums have donated 10 passes good for admission to each attraction.

Also, one minor correction, we recived 2 $25 gift certificates from Fire and Ice Bar and 1 $25 gift Certificate from The Tom-Tom Shop. Thanks Doug Frost.

We will be adding some fishing tackle to the door prizes as well, should have a good amount of stuff to hand out.