The final results have been tabulated and we just had a great Award’s Ceremony at the LG American Legion, gave out lots of prizes to the winners and lucky door prize winners.


Brian Squires 5.75lbs 23.00″ LG

Scott Erwin 4.73lbs 20.00″ B

Bernie Lindo 4.33lbs 19.75″ B

William Freeman 3.76lbs 19.50″ B


Colin Fraser 5.55lbs 19.50″ LG

PJ Clark 5.23lbs 19.00″ B

Joel Clark 4.71lbs 19.50″ B

Corey DiLorenzo 4.70lbs 18.75″ LG


Ed Palmer 13.32lbs 32.00″ B

Greg Trombley 8.78lbs 29.00″ H

Vitali Stesik 7.79lbs 27.875″ B

Ramon Pruisscher 7.70lbs 27.25″ B


No fish entered (22″ Derby minimum)

JUNIOR SMALLMOUTH (only one prize per entrant *)

Enzo Rehm 3.52lbs 16.25″ LG

Sarah Musto 3.30lbs 16.00″ LG

*Cainan Hutchings 2.60lbs 17.50″ LG

Mykah Fisher 2.27lbs 17.25″ LG

*Cainan Hutchings 2.24lbs 16.25″ LG

*Rhianna Erwin 1.67lbs 16.25″ B

Becca Pape 1.40lbs 15.00″ LG

JUNIOR LARGEMOUTH (only one prize per entrant *)

Rhianna Erwin 3.33lbs 16.25″ B

Cainan Hutchings 3.07lbs 17.00″ LG

Carter Guyette 2.75lbs 17.50″ LG

Dylan Krepil 2.73lbs 15.50″ LG

*Carter Guyette 2.40lbs 16.50″ LG

*Cainan Hutchings 1.96lbs 17.50″ LG

Madison Sondemeyer 1.90lbs 16.0″


Matthew Diana 6.59lbs 28.25″ B

Dylan Palmer 5.06lbs 24.50″ B

Tentative First Day Results

Here are the leading fish for each category for day one of 2017 Derby, standings could change after verification of all fish entry forms that need to be collected from the remote weigh stations.


ID #      SPECIES    WT         LGTH    TIME     STATION

135 SMB 4.73 20 7:15 B
44 SMB 4.33 19.75 9:45 B
23 SMB 3.76 19.5 2:09 B
141 SMB 3.66 17.5 12:57 LG
164 LMB 4.71 19.5 7:43 B
159 LMB 4.7 18.75 9:29 LG
122 LMB 4.64 19.75 11:23 B
181 LMB 4.5 17.5 8:08 LG
87 LT 8.78 29 8:04 H
78 LT 7.79 27.875 9:57 B
138 LT 7.7 27.25 7:20 B
77 LT 6.87 27.125 9:37 B

No salmon were weighed in.

Youth Division (note: each entrant is eligible to win one prize only)

68 SMB 3.52 16.25 3:27 LG
56 SMB 3.3 16 2:00 LG
37 SMB 2.24 16.25 11:02 LG
136 SMB 1.67 16.25 2:30 B
61 SMB 1.4 15 3:35 LG
61 SMB 1.04 13.125 11:10 B
37 LMB 3.07 17 6.05 LG
127 LMB 2.73 15.5 4:16 LG
29 LMB 2.4 16.5 8:30 LG
37 LMB 1.96 17.5 6.05 LG
37 LMB 1.76 16 10:50 LG
168 LMB 1.59 14.25 1:59 LG
50 LT 6.89 28.25 6:10 B

Final Registrations Way UP for 2017 – Good Luck Anglers

Thanks everyone that has entered this year’s Derby. We more than doubled the number of entrants the past 3 days and exceeded our expectations. We are still awaiting a final count, the total will be over 180 entrants. Good luck to all and be sure to make the Award’s Ceremony on Sunday even if you don’t catch a winning fish as there will be plenty of door prizes drawn by a Chinese auction, but you have to be present to win.

It’s Restaurant Week 2017, Too

The Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce & CVB Inc. partners with local restaurants semi-annually to offer special three-course menus at an incredible value. This year marks our 11th anniversary of showcasing the culinary talent in our region with this fun promotion.

We offer two weeks out of the year for Restaurant Week.

Join us for Restaurant Week 2017, and Sunday, Sept. 10 to Sept. 16.

Each participating restaurant will offer a special three-course dinner menu for only $20.17, not including tax or gratuity. More info here, including menus: http://www.lakegeorgechamber.com/restaurant-week/

More Donations: From The Outdoorsman in Diamond Point

Many thanks to Garry at The Outdoorsman Sport Shop in Diamond Point for his generous donation of a Frabill Power Stow net and Quantum spinning reel/rod combo. This is quite a net, has a 30×32″ hoop with deep net, plus a handle that telescopes to 66″, yet you can fold it and collapse the handle for easy storage.

Door Prizes Coming In…

We have been getting many donations for door prizes at the Award’s Ceremony on Sunday. We have received: a pair of passes fro LG Steamboat Co., a gift card from The Boathouse Restaurant, a pair of passes to High Falls Gorge, a pair of passes to The Wild Center in Tupper Laker, a wine tasting session for two at The Adirondack Winery, a gift certificate from The Wild West Ranch, a gift card for Aviation Mall and a gift card to The Fun Spot. Thanks to the Lake George Chamber of Commerce for arranging these donations. More to follow hopefully.

Introducing the Reel Saver

We would like to introduce our newest sponsor, Reel Rascal, and their innovative, new product: the Reel Saver. This simple design that works great to protect you expensive fishing reels. They will be offering a free Reel Savers to all Derby entrants. They also have hats, t-shirts and more for sale. Check out their website: https://www.reelrascal.com/

New Sponsor: The Lake Theatre with Dinner Show About a Fishing Derby

We are happy to announce our new sponsor, The Lake Theatre at The Holiday Inn Resort in Lake George.

The Lake Theatre will be performing the regional premiere of the comedy, “The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby” by Norm Foster on Sept. 14-Oct. 21. They have donated 2 tickets for an “Un-Landlocked” Salmon dinner (or any dinner entree) along with the show as a door prize. Plus, we’d like to offer a $6 discount off the regular price to all Derby participants or anyone who mentions the derby when they call for tickets. Coupons will be distributed with registration packets and at Check-in and the Award’s Ceremony. Please check out their website: http://www.laketheatreproductions.com/

Registration is now OPEN for the 2017 Derby!

There are several ways to register for the 2017 Derby. Easiest is online
with payments processed the Paypal (no account needed), click on the
“Register for the Derby” button on the home page. You can also print the
Brochure online and mail in a registration form with a check or money order, or register in
person at our Sponsor Fish307.com. Lastly, final registrations will be taken
in person at Derby Check-in from 4-8pm on Sept. 15 at American Legion Post
374, Lake George, NY. Don’t forget, FREE Derby T-shirts for every early registration by 9/1.